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Light star Solar provides a comprehensive approach to enabling the purchase of solar power. Our team of experts handles all stages of project execution, ensuring quality and customer satisfaction. Our workflow includes minimal disruption at your facility with little or no impact on your business operations. Getting solar is easy and hassle-free with our streamlined system.


Our services


Involves personalized site inspection and design along with financial analysis.


Includes drafting the construction agreement, negotiating terms, and financing finalization.


Comprises design and engineering


Includes handling equipment orders, logistics, and any documentation.


Comprehensive and rigorous system testing.


Involves operation, maintenance, monitoring, and management for the life of the system.

Domains we work on



Government Projects

Installation Process

Let us offer you practical and exciting solutions for harvesting the power of sun.

Create a hedge and escape the tyranny of rising energy prices, get yourself some green, do it easily with us and do it today.

1. Engineering site visit: the first step to getting your solar system installed
2. Permits and documents: the logistical paperwork required for your solar panel installation
3. Ordering equipment: choosing the panels and inverters and getting your solar panel installation scheduled
4. Solar panel installation: the big day
5. Approval and interconnection

Upcoming Projects

2 GW solar farm in Morocco

iGOChain Platform

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