About Us

Lightstar Solar Inc. (Lightstar or Company) is a state of Arizona “Benefit” Corporation designed to be a multi-national solar technology distributor, manufacturer, as well as principal owner in small to large scale solar farm operations. Lightstar seeks to promote solar world-wide for profit, as well as social purposes. By operating at multiple points of the supply chain within the solar industry, Lightstar seeks to operate at maximum efficiency, by distributing as wide of a footprint as possible while controlling costs.

Products/Services: The Company operates through 5 subsidiaries, in the form of wholly owned Limited Liability Companies:

  • Light Star Solar Associates: Direct and retail sales
  • Light Star Storage and Solar: Wholesale and online sales
  • Light Star Capital: Finance Solar Projects/Installs incl. leasing Exchange Tax Equity/Tax Credits Trade Desk
  • Light Star Energy Ventures: Principal ownership of solar projects
  • Light Star Energy Tech: Software and Power Management Blockchain Operations Next level graphene/carbon energy technology


In modern history, the last 5 years represent the hottest recorded climate temperatures on Earth, posing a significant threat to existing life. It is a commonly accepted scientific fact that man-made CO2 emissions have played a significant role in these higher temperatures and solar can help to mitigate these emissions. There is an existing global compact sponsored by the United Nations, known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG’s, which consist of 17 social and environmental points that the world has agreed will lead to extending life on the planet; where renewable energy is goal number 7. With a target date of the year 2030, the majority of the world is behind in its commitment to reaching the SDG’s, particularly in regards to clean energy. It has been estimated that USD $35 Trillion + will need to be mobilized in order to meet the SDG’s by 2030 and renewable energy accounts for significant portion of this amount. By tapping into this source of capital expenditures, Lightstar will play a major role in the SDG deployment process by installing small scale installations, as well as building and owning large scale, utility level solar farms.

Lightstar is a benefit corporation which will at all times be majority owned by VO2 Global, which is ultimately owned by World Sports Alliance Intergovernmental Organization (WSA or IGO). WSA is a self-funded, diplomatic mission started in partnership with a branch of the United Nations (UN-DESA) and currently consists of 33 Member States worldwide. Therefore, Lightstar is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and leverages WSA’s eco-system of related businesses, contacts, partnerships, member states and world governments as a distribution channel. Currently WSA has an invitation from the Government of Morocco to build a 2 GW solar farm, to be valued at USD $2.8 Billion, whereby the majority of the power offtake has been arranged to be sold into the EU and the balance sold to the Moroccan utility. WSA has several other existing member state countries that wish to do a similar offering with new countries wishing to join WSA and do the same. WSA is the owner of iGObit blockchain technology, which is utilized across the entire WSA ecosystem and will be using iGobit in connection with Lightstar providing multiple benefits as a result.