Residential Services

Our residential effort is one of the most comprehensive programs on the market designed to serve our customer’s long term needs. Unlike commercial applications, homeowners often are much more limited in space and usually work with a more limited budget.

We use the newest solar technology to build scalable systems that perform better and last longer than older, traditional systems. We back this up with a 25 year warranty on all PV parts and components.

Whether it’s solar attic ventilation systems, solar thermal systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, replacement vinyl windows, spray foam attic insulation, residential EV chargers, or any combination thereof, we have an affordable solar or energy-efficient solution for most every homeowner, in most every market.

Not every home has enough exposure or roof space for a complete solar energy system to totally eliminate a power bill, but we find that we can help most people improve their energy efficiency and then produce enough power for the remainder of the power bill.

Our main application for residential solar panels is to offset one’s energy use from the power company, thus reducing their carbon footprint and equalizing the cost of power for the life of the system.

We also have customers with complete off-grid systems that live and operate completely independent from any power company. A third option is a bimodal system that uses a battery bank and energy reserve system for complete power outages but still functions with the power grid on normal days.

Whatever your desire or need is, we can help you find a solution that fits.